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Get trained and certified in just 1 day!

Become a certified life coach in just 1 day at "Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy."


"They called us crazy"

We are the Amazing Clarks - Certified Law of Attraction Life & Love Coaches. When we first started The Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy, some people thought that we were crazy. They said that there was no way that we could train someone to become a traditional life coach in just 1 day. Especially since most life coach training programs take weeks, months and even years to complete. But our goal was not to create more traditional life coaches. Nor was our goal to teach the same outdated cookie cutter curriculum - taught by traditional life coach training programs.

Why settle for ordinary - when you can have extraordinary?

Our goal was to train and certify a new breed of elite life coaches - and that is exactly what we have done. Our cutting edge life coaching tools, concepts and techniques are literally light years ahead of the traditional life coaching community. We incorporate the latest breakthroughs in the Law of Attraction, quantum physics, brain science, and spirituality in simple to understand layman terms that anyone can immediately grasp - regardless of your past education or experience.

We will make you a believer!

Many of our past graduates are therapist, psychologist, and graduates of other life coaching programs and have come into our 1 day training class with a bit of skepticism. And every single one of them have left our life coach training & certification class completely blown away by our curriculum. They all admit that they never expected to receive such an enormous amount of incredibly useful knowledge and enlightenment - and especially in such a short span of time. Not only do they leave with their life coach certification, they also leave with the confidence and ability to truly transform lives... and build an extraordinarily successful life coach practice.

What will matter to your clients...

If you feeling a little skeptical about the validity of a 1-day life coach training & certification class we completely understand why you would feel that way. But let us reassure you that your future coaching clients will not care about where you got your life coach training & certification from... or how long it took you to complete it. They don't care if it took you 1 day or 10 years to get your certification. All your client will care about is whether or not you can get them the results that they want. And we promise that no other school will teach you how to do this better than the Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy!

The bottom line...

A life coach training class can only provide you with the needed tools, concepts and techniques. After that it is up to you to practice and perfect these skills. This will ultimately determine how good of a coach you will be. You want to make sure the latest and most cutting edge education that has a proven track record of success to back it up. Just watch the videos below to see what our graduates have to say about our class. We hope that you will choose our class and be a part of our elite life coaching family!


Why choose us:

  • 1 day certification
  • cutting edge curriculum
  • Upscale, comfortable learning environment
  • Classes available live and online
  • Classes taught by 2 of the world's famous life coaches (The Amazing Clarks)
  • Get everything you need to immediately build a successful practice
  • Small intimate classes / receive personalized attention(only 12 students per class)
  • Receive your certificate immediately after graduation
  • Get on going training classes for free after graduation

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