Amazing Clarks "New Life Cleanse"


The Amazing Clarks New Life Cleanse

Look great and feel great!

Cleansing is a great way to "shed weight and look & feel great! The Amazing Clarks New Life Cleanse is a raw food diet cleanse program that comes with daily exercises and affirmation audios that help you attract more health, happiness, love, success, and spiritual harmony into your life.



  • Detoxify and cleanse your body

  • Create greater mental & spiritual clarity

  • Attract greater love, health and wealth into your life

  • Look great and feel more alive than ever before!

The Amazing Clark’s “New Life Cleanse,”is  a life changing 10-day program that consist of a raw food diet, a full body detox and cleanse, a series of daily spiritual exercises, and affirmation audios  designed to get you into alignment with your higher consciousness. It is a program created to assist you in tapping into your intuition, inspiration, and internal guidance which will raise your energetic vibration and empower you to create a happier, more fulfilling new life. Melanie Clark has been using cleanses for years, so of course she was ecstatic to partner with to design and create her and Anthony's idea of the ultimate raw food diet cleanse - and spiritual coaching program. Below are 4 components of the New Life Cleanse..

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New Life Cleanse

New Life Cleanse 7 Formulas

Daily Formula Regiment (10 days)

Daily Spiritual Alignment Exercises

Audio Affirmations


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