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Lupe Fiasco "Battle Scars" featuring Guy Sebastian, is an edgy and inspirational song that talks about the importance of healing your pain in life and love.This is an incredible song that we couldn't stop playing over and over again. In this blog we will give you advice that will empower you to heal your, "Battle Scars." Checkout the video, read the lyrics, and much more. Enjoy!




Are you at war with love? Do you have "battle scars?"

Battle Scars are the pain that we endure whenever we are hurt in life and love. You can get them when you get your heart broken by someone you love and care about - you can get them when someone that you love dies or is suffering - you can get them when you fall short of achieving your dreams and expectations.The bottom line is, Battle Scars can come in all shapes and forms of experiences. But if you do not heal these mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds they will prevent you from living the wonderful quality of life that we are put on this planet to enjoy. It can turn into anger, violence, physical illness, depression and the inability to love and connect with one self as well as with others. But the great news is, you can heal these battle scars.


Battle Scars, how to heal them...

Lupe Fiasco, Battle Scars" Featuring Guy Sebastian, was trying to tell people that their pain will never go away as long as they keep embracing the anger and keep resisting love - and they were absolutely right. Life gives us experiences that causes us to experience a wide variety of emotions such as love, heart break, happiness, pain, etc. These experiences are intended to help us grow and evolve and to feel alive. The goal is to stay in the emotion of love, as much as possible. When we are in this vibration, we appreciate life and it makes us feel great.. and empowers us in amazing ways. But every now and then we must experience painful experiences that we don't want - in order to help us evolve and figure out what we do want. It is called contrast... and that duality is the fuel of life. The key is to continuously get back to the emotion of love and forgiveness. Don't hold onto the pain and anger and keep looking at it as a curse, because it is actually a blessing in disguise - if you open your heart and choose to see it as a blessing. Be grateful for every experience in life that unfolds and you will experience more love, happiness and success then you could ever imagine. But if you keep holding on to the battle scars you will experience more hatred, pain, and failure than you could ever imagine. The choice is yours - but you do have a choice. Stop being at war with love , and heal your "Battle Scars!
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""Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, watching this great video, and allowing us to help and empower you to live the happiest and most amazing life possible. Music is a powerful tool that we believe can heal the world. And love is the music that we can all create, play,  and share.What a perfect combination." 

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