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New Life Cleanse Spiritual Alignment Exercises


Get more clarity and focus...

The Amazing Clarks New Life Cleanse comes with 10 days of life-changing exercises designed to increase your focus and your ability to consciously attract the incredibly fulfilling life you desire and deserve..


Spiritual exercises:

Your New Life Cleanse program comes with 10 fast, fun and easy Spiritual alignment exercises. Each day, for 10 days, you will perform a different one. These exercises  can dramatically increase your mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony – and will dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your New Life Cleanse – and give you the best possible results. Each exercise comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions as well as a breakdown of the exercise goal, purpose & benefits.

Exercise Goals and Schedules:

  • Day 1 exercise will empower you to feel and experience your bliss...NOW!
  • Day 2 exercise will empower you to enjoy more inner peace & calm.
  • Day 3. exercise will empower you to be more in the moment and enjoy “the now.”
  • Day 4. exercise will empower you to feel, experience & enjoy more  of life.
  • Day 5. exercise will empower you to hear, experience & enjoy more of life.
  • Day 6. exercise will empower you to appreciate more about life.
  • Day 7. exercises will enable you to receive more love.
  • Day 8. exercise will enable you to listen to your intuition.
  • Day 9. exercise will empower you to attract your dream life.
  • Day 10. exercise will enable you to enjoy amazing new levels of self-love.


Get life changing results:

The Spiritual alignment exercises in this cleanse will are the same exercises that the Amazing Clarks have used for years to break their coaching clients out of unwanted patterns of behavior – and empower them to develop the positive habits that enables them to live the life of their dreams. And these exercises will do the same for you too. You can continue to use these life-changing exercises long after you are finished cleansing – and make them part of your new life style.


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