Tracois Edwards

 Tracois Edwards/Luxury Aesthetician/Certified Life Coach/ Pro Makeup Artist Tracois Edwards

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As a coach, inspirational resource, and seasoned makeup maven, Tracois Edwards is a rare mosaic.  Her extensive experience in the beauty industry combined with her personal philosophy of self-love as the ultimate foundation of physical beauty make Tracois a leader in her role as a “transformational makeup artist.”  True healing is available in her chair just as readily as the perfect shade of powder.



Tracois Edwards's OverviewTracois Edwards/Luxury Aesthetician/Certified Life Coach/ Pro Makeup Artist


Having worked with photographers such as David LaChapelle, Gerry Garcia, Eric LaCour, and many more, as well as cosmetic/skincare brands including Murad, Tracie Martyn International, Estee’ Lauder Companies, Boots Alliance-London, UK, and numerous others, Tracois’ accomplishments speak for themselves.  However, it is her spirit of Personal Empowerment that has truly set her apart as an educator and a business woman.  Both in-person, and as a frequent On-Camera Makeup Expert,

Tracois has helped many people make the connection between the thoughts they think, the attitudes they carry and the quality and health of their skin.  For instance, as a Beauty Expert for Tyra’s Type F Web Series, Tracois presents 44 videos that instruct young women regarding self-application techniques for darker skin and brown eyes.  Very often, the self-esteem benefits of Tracois’ lessons, messages and presentations far outweigh the mere cosmetic benefits. 

“Beauty is an inside job,” according to Tracois, and learning to lavish our skin with love—no matter its color, condition or chronological age—is a personal, emotional and spiritual journey, a journey for which Tracois Edwards is a uniquely qualified and gifted guide. 

We thank Tracois, and look forward to the further development of her line of custom cosmetics, chemisTRE Custom Beauty, to support us on our journey as well.