The Amazing Clarks

The Amazing Clarks

Certified law of attraction life & love coaches

Anthony & Melanie Clark are a husband and wife duo and the stars of Live Love and Date. They have been madly in love for over 20 years. They are called "The Amazing Clarks" because they empower people to live amazing lives!



Anthony & Melanie Clark have a fresh, new REVOLUTIONARY approach to love and dating that can change your life… and may literally change the world. It is an extremely original, progressive, scientifically- and spiritually-integrated model that has already transformed thousands of lives.

Their straightforward, non-traditional advice will leave you enlightened and inspired. The Clarks are spiritual, but not religious; straight, but not narrow, and have a success record that shows that they’re real, not fake.  They’ focus on real transformation, not the regurgitated fluff offered by a lot of relationship “experts”.

The Amazing Clarks get to the emotional, mental, and energetic causes underlying their lack of success in love and life in general. They give tangible advice and whatever real-world assignments they feel will help you have the success you crave —and they have the client success to prove that their methods work.