Melanie Clark


Melanie’s Clark

Certified Law of Attraction Life & Love Coach

Melanie Clark has been a life coach for over 15 years and has transformed thousands of lives. Not only is she strong, tall, gorgeous and sexy - but she is also one of the most gifted spiritual gurus you will ever meet.

Melanie is the ultimate feminine powerhouse.  In her 40’s, Melanie is a stunning 6-foot tower of beauty, open-heartedness, warmth and self-assurance.  She is savvy and strong without ever coming across as masculine or “tough.”  Melanie’s beauty, along with her loving, authentic style pulls everyone under herspell—and they love being there! Melanie’s power is deceptive, because at first you could think she’s “the nice one,” or just Anthony’s “pretty wife,” but asyou get to know her better, you realize that she is just as hard-core as Anthony, without his brash delivery.  Melanie has a way of telling people really difficult, confrontational things in such a down-to-earth way, that they never get upset.  She’s kind of like candy-flavored medicine—sweet but potent.

Melanie’s soft touch is only one of her goddess-like gifts.  She is also perceptive, intuitive, smart, talented and very productive.  Not to mention she is one of the funniest people you’ll have the pleasure of being entertained by, effortlessly doing accents and impersonations as a part of her engaging storytelling style. Adding to her dynamism is the fact that Melanie is a very sexy woman who is sexually liberated in a way that makes you wish everyone could be as real and unpretentious as she is.  Everyone respects Melanie.  Women want to be like her and men just like her!  She is truly one of the realest, most relatable, inspirational women in the world. Melanie loves people.  She truly thrives on connecting with and uplifting others, be they friends, family, clients or strangers.  She does it in person, on the phone, on Facebook, on Skype, through the Amazing Clark’s website—you name it, she’s on it, generously spreading her easy-to-swallow brand of positivity. In coaching, Melanie provides a soothing, grounding perspective.  Because she is an example of someone who triumphed against the odds, who made choices that had to be un-made, who succeeded a lot and has endured the sting of failure here and there—yet is now living the reality of love and true happiness—she is a real-life show-and-tell example that yes, it is possible, and yes, you can do it too.  And then she shows you how. You just know you can trust her and you know that you’re in good hands.
Her coaching style is disarming.  Melanie has a warm, “down home” demeanor, and as she casually chats with clients, she helps them feel at ease.  Most have no idea that she is processing everything they are saying at a very high level, using her intuition, her knowledge of spiritual science, her mind and her heart to connect with the truth beyond what the client can see.  When she’s gleaned enough to get started, she lovingly and gently—although very frankly—tells the client what she thinks is going on with them.  Very often this includes pointing out how the person is contributing to their own problems.  Ouch!  It’s usually around this time that Anthony is ready to drop his own whammie on the client, and from there it’s an Amazing Clark tag-team tough-love/Love Revolution mental/emotional Kung Fu wrestling scene that leaves client after breathless client exclaiming, “Wow, you guys really ARE amazing!”