Adriane Kelly

Adriane Velvet Kelly/ Show Host/Life CoachAdriane Velvet Kelly

Certified life coach and show host
Adriane Velvet Kelly is the host of Live Love and Date show on "Padnet Long Beach Charter Communication television." She is fun, fly, beautiful and fun to watch.



 Adriane is a gorgeous bi-racial bombshell in her 30’s. She has over-the-top style that is best described as sexy, glitzy, glam. She is uber-energetic, funny & unpredictably eccentric. Although her energy feels like sunshine, sugar and lollipops--a cross between a fairy princess and a diva--Adriane’s upbeat, silly personality and Jessica Rabbit-like body conceal a serious intellect and passion for Universal Truth. 

Her “inner nerd” finds expression in her being a tenacious researcher and seeker of scientific, energetic, and spiritual enlightenment.  She is also a life coach and graduate of the Clark’s Life Coach Training & Certification Academy (Law Of Attraction Life Coach Academy) and owns a successful coaching practice in West Hollywood.  Her personal mission is to share practical spiritual information with as many people as possible and to inspire them to live better lives from within.